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This is day 3 of my 37 days of content challenge. (Terrible Tony says “where the f*** is day 2?” but I don’t care – I’m still going ahead and publishing this…) 

Have you ever received a request from someone connected with you to help promote their cause, book, product or latest project but it felt all icky and weird?

Have you ever been the one asking for support for YOUR project, and wondered why they didn’t jump at the chance?

If you’ve been in either situation chances are that there was one crucial ingredient missing which led to the experience being weird…

I’ve had a few people private message me in recent weeks on Facebook asking me to plug their stuff, but all they managed to do was come across as inconsiderate self-promoters.

Don’t be that guy or girl.


So where did they go wrong?

Great pitches demonstrate value immediately

None of them mentioned how me plugging their stuff would be of any value to me or my community.

People are generally protective of their friends, family, customers and community..

And their social media feeds and email lists.

So if  you’re going to ask someone  to do you a favour and promote your stuff to their network then you might want to think about how what you’re asking actually benefits THEM and their network.

Always lead with the value for THEM and their audience


Because nobody really cares about you. They’re too busy worried about what’s going on in their own world.

So unless your pitch is compelling and speaks to their desires and motivations, and takes into account that they’re busy trying to work out how to make they’re own stuff with better, then chances are you’re not going to win their favor.

You’ll just annoy them.

So before you go pitching your new thing to someone else with the hopes of them spreading the word for you, ask yourself one crucial question:

What’s in it for them (WIIFT), and their community members?

Answer this question for them: how do they actually benefit from sharing what you’ve got to share?

Make it easier for them for them to care

I learnt this lesson in sales training – “make it easier for them to buy”.

In the case of getting someone to promote your stuff – make it easier for them to:

  1. Understand what’s in it for them i.e. do they get a free copy of your book, early preview of your course or program, etc.?
  2. Understand how it’s relevant to their community or audience. Can you show that you’ve done your homework and identified that there’s an alignment between your target audience and theirs (or part of theirs)?
  3. Actually promote it. Have you created a promotional toolkit complete with images, email and social media copy, and any other materials that they can quickly and easily use to spread the message?

Don’t make the rookie mistake of trying to direct them to a website to find out more information.


Give them their benefits upfront when you send your initial message.

Once you can answer the WIIFT question adequately, and you’ve done your preparation work ahead of time to make it easier for them to spread the word, then it’s time to go pitching.

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