Momentum Startup Business Coaching – Get Started

Follow these 2 Steps to Get Started With Momentum Business Coaching:


1. Pay for your coaching fee ($500 AUD billed monthly)

(Note: This will set up an automated monthly payment. When you end your coaching we’ll stop the payments so you don’t get charged)

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2. Schedule a date and time for your skype session

(You can schedule 2 sessions per month. Recommended: 1 session every 2 weeks for consistency)



3. Join my private FB community

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I look forward to helping you take your biz to the next level!


Anfernee, Simple Creative Marketing

Here's what past clients have had to say about our service:

David Smith David Smith, Knokal

I engaged Anfernee and we worked through a 90-day plan. It’s nice to have a beautiful structure just to be able to walk away and say I’m going to do this, then this, then this. By spending 2 hours with Anf you save yourself 10 hours a week.

Anh-Dao Nguyen Anh-Dao Nguyen, Earth Discovery Club

Anf’s guidance helped me to gain clarity and take action to set up the Earth Discovery Travel Club within only 3 months. We’ve since had 300+ members join and have run 20+ events. Having achieved this makes me feel fulfilled. A pleasure to work with Anf, thank you!

Vitalia Fedessova Vitalia Fedessova , Aurelius Accounting Inc.

Despite the various difficulties that came up and kept me in the weeds, Anfernee helped me continue to work on my vision and the bigger picture.

As a result, I started to formalize my business processes, get help, and learn a lot from my challenges, making good progress in my business and my goals.

I started enjoying work again and having down time. I went on a personal retreat, which helped me commit to my vision for my business. I stopped saying yes to people and it freed up my time. I have documented some of my processes, and am delegating more. I am building my team, and have three helpers that I'm testing out.

The best thing about working with Anfernee was being able to face unexpected challenges while also continuing to work on my goals.