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Do you want to learn how to grow a SaaS startup from 0 to profitable on a shoestring budget?


Watch this interview with Vedran Rasic of LeadDelta, where we’ll discuss this topic.


Topics discussed:


00:00 Meet Vedran Rasic
05:55 What is Lead Delta?
07:48 How Ved’s previous startup Autoklose got acquired
11:23 Tips for selling a SaaS business
14:05 How to determine a selling price for your SaaS company
17:00 How to launch a SaaS product in a month
20:15 Finding a SaaS product to buy
21:10 Are you a producer or a seller?
23:10 How Ved grew Lead Delta from 0 to profitable
26:00 How to get user feedback for your SaaS product
27:20 The importance of good copy for attracting the right customers
28:00 How to get early funding by launching on Appsumo
34:47 How to sell more with integrity
38:30 How to go from launch to growing
39:20 Why customer success is more important than sales
43:06 Lessons from launching on Product Hunt
54:00 Can you get your Linkedin banned using Lead Delta?
55:00 How does Lead Delta work with your existing CRM tool?
59:48 Why LeadDelta ships product features weekly
01:01:00 Lead Delta’s current team structure
01:04:00 Ved’s tip for hiring interns
1:05:47 Recommended resources for entrepreneurs
1:10:45 One thing that Ved does for mental health


About Vedran Rasic:


Vedran is an entrepreneur experienced in delivering successful product GTM strategies, achieving targets & building high-performance teams.
His core competencies come to light where customer, product, and growth strategies intersect.




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