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Meet the The Freedom Travellers – two fun-loving girls who quit their corporate jobs to travel the world and live a life of freedom and choice.

Leaving their corporate jobs in project management and marketing, Victoria McEwan and Elaina Bird used their skills to generate an income through multiple projects whilst travelling across the globe.

In this episode, I speak with Victoria and Elaina, aka The Freedom Travellers, about their bold journey leaving promising corporate careers with nice paychecks and fancy job titles in search of something more fun and meaningful (and how they’ve managed to keep themselves going as digital nomads).

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Listen and Learn

  • The importance of generating an online presence for a successful travel blog
  • How to use your skills you used in your 9-5 job for contracting and freelancing jobs
  • The importance of being authentic in your content for your blog (and not giving in to opportunities that might hurt you in the long run)
  • The misconceptions about network marketing & how to succeed in it
  • What the girls learnt from going alcohol-free for an entire year
  • How to build your audience and pitch your travel to organisations for sponsorship


  • “If you’re thinking about going travelling, what could you do differently? How could you earn money as you travel? How could you redesign your life, escape the desk job situation, and start doing things that you’re super passionate about and also get paid for?”
  • “Once we found out what was possible, we sat down and made it happen”
  • “You have no one to report to, except your diary and bank account”
  • “When you are an small business owner or entrepreneur, your health is the most important thing you have”


Resources Mentioned

  • – For more information on The Freedom Traveller’s travel stories and health tips.
  • – Go here for tips to help you relax  
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Originally posted 2016-09-12 17:04:43.