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Meet awesome visionary, Chris Joannou, Founding Director and General Manager of Startup Grind Australia/New Zealand and Co founder of Private Label Lab

Moving to the US at a tender age had certainly shaped the environment for Chris to hustle onto the entrepreneur scene. His father’s job at American food brand giant, Kellogg’s certainly acted as a stimulant for Chris to build a career around food branding

In this episode, I spoke with Chris who shares how he leverages sponsorships to grow his business and vision, and provides practical tips for you to do the same.

Listen and Learn

  • How Chris took a local Melbourne Meetup group and turned it into a thriving Startup Grind community
  • How a problem with a client request in his joint business with his father led to him launching Private Label Lab
  • Essential things to consider when pitching for sponsorship
  • What makes a brand stand out and gain the target market attention
  • How to focus your attention and balance multiple businesses
  • The importance of having a “not afraid to celebrate success” mentality in life and business


  • “The fastest way to have credibility, is to team yourself up with someone with credibility”
  • “When you start to think of success as your obligation, it starts to change your perspective on it”
  • “It (success) is just hustle, consistency and staying power”
The fastest way to have credibility, is to team yourself up with someone with credibility. Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned

  • – To learn more about Chris and connect to Australia’s startup community
  • Private Label Lab – More about Chris’s services on brand creation and design
  • Momentum Warriors  Join our private Facebook Community of 240+ creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers to support & motivate each other to take action!

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Originally posted 2016-09-07 02:42:38.