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Andrew Simonet

Learn how to make a living as an artist with Andrew Simonet, artist, author, development planner and founder of Artists U

Growing up in North Philadelphia, Andrew originally started off with doing theatre work. His passion in dance saw him becoming the founding co-director and choreographer of Philadelphia’s Headlong Dance Theatre, along with his collaborators Amy Smith and David Brick from 1993 to 2013.

He also founded Artists U in 2006 in Philadelphia which focuses on promoting a sustainable career for artiste by facilitating planning sessions.

Andrew has also done freelance writing and produced documentaries. He is currently writing fiction and producing a documentary about the community-based anti-poverty work of Mauricio Miller.

Listen and Learn:

  • The misconceptions of the working culture in the artistic industry
  • The challenges and pressures faced in the artistic industry
  • How to balance your artistic workload for a sustainable career
  • How to ensure that your artistic services offered are of high value to the public  
  • How to sell your artistic talents to the masses 


  • “When you say no to other bunch of stuff that takes away your time from the important things, you are saying yes to focus on the important things”
  • “Don’t make art with the market, make the market for your art. Find and create the market with your art with what you are good at.”
  • “The desire to be congratulated is very human but it doesn’t lead to anything interesting. The real approval you need, is not going to come from the audience, or buyer. It is going to come from the people that you are really close to”


Resources Mentioned

  • Artists U – For more information on Andrew’s work and to download “Making your life as an artist – A guide to building a balanced, sustainable artistic life. Don’t starve. Make art.
  • Momentum Warriors –  Join our private Facebook Community of 200+ creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers to support & motivate each other to take action! 


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Originally posted 2016-05-13 06:35:58.