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Shawn Phelps

Learn how to leverage the power of your true self, recognise the false self, and why this is important with Medium & Intuitive advisor Shawn Phelps

Knowing her passion for journalism, Shawn Phelps pursued journalism in college to fulfil her dreams. However, anxiety led her to encounter problems in coping with school work. She took a break from school and eventually graduated from journalism at the age of 28. During the break, Shawn tried different jobs, moved to Australia and did freelance writing while travelling.

She is now a medium & advisor, helping independent thinkers who feel called to blaze their own trail, live life on their own terms, and do good things that matter. In this podcast, I had a chat with Shawn about her route to self discovery and the differences between the true self and false self.

Listen and Learn

  • Shawn’s path to self discovery and how travelling through Asia helped her
  • Why people find themselves lost in life
  • How society’s expectations shape your false self & why is it harmful
  • How to face the challenges of accepting your true self
  • How choices affect your life course 


  • “All problems I thought was caused by outside things were caused by inside things”
  • “Sometimes we are so caught up in who we need to be, we actually  believe that it is who we want to be”
  • “Suffering is when you decide to identify yourself with the pain as opposed to seeing yourself”

Resources Mentioned 

  • Shawn Phelps– find out more about Shawn’s work and her blog
  • Momentum Warriors –  Join our private Facebook Community of 200+ creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers to support & motivate each other to take action!

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Originally posted 2016-04-01 00:41:37.