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 Transition 3

Learn how to embrace your authenticity with transformation coach Nina Concepcion, Founder of The New View

Strongly passionate about authenticity, Nina build her career by being authentic and true to her values. From young, she was always known as the “disruptive” outspoken kid who constantly got into trouble with her teachers. Little did she know that this “disruptive”, outspoken nature together with her authenticity has built her career in transforming the life of others.

Listen and learn

  • How Nina’s “disruptive”, outspoken nature led to finding a fulfilling career
  • Why people struggle with authenticity
  • The importance of being brutally honest with yourself & loving your authentic self
  • Why sales is a manifestation of authenticity of oneself
  • How embracing authenticity can make things fall in place for you


  • “My business is an expression of who I am. It is an extension of who I am”
  • “People can smell when you are not being authentic”
  • When we are having trouble making a decision, it is not because we don’t know what to do. It is because we know what to do. It is just that it takes courage to make that decision”

Resources Mentioned

  • The New View – For details on Nina’s courses and events. 
    • Nina is offering a complimentary 45 minute transformation discovery session for listeners of this podcast. Simply quote “Transitions 003” or “Anfernee Chansamooth” at Nina’s website
  • Momentum Warriors  – Join our private Facebook Community of 200+creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers to support and motivate each other to take action! 

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Originally posted 2016-03-18 00:40:12.