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Transitions 002

Learn how to build self confidence with Ivan Chew, Founder of Improve Your Life

Previously a shy person who dreaded speaking out, Ivan’s life took a turn when he won a spot to attend an improv class. From being a shy construction manager, he became a Confidence Coach and help others in enhancing their confidence through Improvisation.

Ivan is a man with many talents and wore many hats. He is an improviser, confidence coach, actor & project manager. He also happened to be a good friend of mine. In this episode of Transitions, I had a chat with Ivan about his path to confidence and what inspires him.

Listen and Learn

  • What is Improvisation & how it can improve your life
  • Why Ivan left his construction career for Improv
  • The importance of having fun and keeping your mind open
  • Why a process driven mindset/culture is potentially harmful for our well being
  • Challenges of running a business & the importance of a business plan in your business

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Originally posted 2016-03-12 08:16:56.