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Meet Erin O’Brien – a productivity expert who helps online business owners and organisations who feel overwhelmed to get the important things done.

In this episode, I speak with Erin about why we get into states of overwhelm, feeling stuck and distraction. Erin shares some great strategies to overcome these blocks and increase your productivity.

Listen and Learn

  • How to differentiate between busy and productive
  • Why your environment and who you surround yourself with affects your productivity level
  • How to manage your time effectively by setting your hourly “to do” duties/goals
  • Why sales is always the key ingredient to grow your business and increase your revenue


  • “Action is the magic word.”
  • “The power of positive peer pressure is having people around doing things that you know you should be doing and allowing it to rub off you.”
  • “It is a bigger thing of a courage to do sales because it is one on one.”
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Resources Mentioned

  • 7 Day Sales Challenge – Sign up for our free challenge focused on helping you increase your sales and income. Starts on 14 November 2016 (Sydney time)
  • Action Power Hour – For more information on Erin’s accountability practise
  • Connect with Erin on LinkedIn – For more information on Erin’s works
  • Momentum Warriors – Join our private Facebook Community of 240+ creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers to support & motivate each other to take action towards creating a freedom lifestyle!

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Originally posted 2016-11-02 10:45:01.