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Do you want to learn how to grow your business without spending big on marketing?


Watch this interview with Therese Tarlinton, author of SWAP! Marketing without Money, where we discussed:

  • Three different types of marketing partnerships you can use to grow your business.
  • Five most important assets in your business you can leverage to collaborate with other brands – and it doesn’t include your social following
  • Six steps you can implement to become a sought-after brand others want to work with.

Topics discussed:


00:00 Meet Therese Tarlinton

04:36 How Therese got her first brand partnership

14:20 Why Therese sold her first business

17:50 Lessons from selling a business

25:00 3 different types of marketing partnerships

28:44 Examples of partnerships for services businesses

33:20 The 5 most important partnership assets in your business

36:22 Partnerships vs influencer marketing – what’s the difference?

40:08 How do you measure the ROI of partnerships?

51:20 6 steps to becoming a sought-after brand others want to work with

56:20 One resource Therese recommends for being great at partnerships

59:20 One thing Therese does for mental health


About Therese Tarlinton:


Therese is passionate about marketing partnerships and is the author of SWAP! Marketing without Money.

She created a start up that grew to a business in five countries manufacturing for Jeep, Sesame Street and United Colors of Benetton using this strategy. After selling her company, she now works with the big brands creating campaigns that collaborate with other businesses, with a focus on delighting their mutual customers.

She has helped charities raise funds, a SAAS get seed funding, been an ambassador for LG Electronics and now works with CSR creating partnerships with interior designers, tradies and even The Block.




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