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Want to package your knowledge and experience into an online product that you can sell? Meet Steph Smith.

You have experience. You’ve got skills. You’ve got knowledge that is valuable to others.

All you need is an understanding of how to productize that knowledge and sell it online.

Now here’s the great news – you don’t need to wait 13 years to do it (like I did…).

Today’s your day to learn how to make it happen from someone who’s actually done it.

In this episode, learn:

About Steph Smith

Steph’s personal blog reached 400k+ pageviews and thousands of subscribers in its first year.

She’s led a 30-person publications team and operated 6 technical blogs, which reached 600k+ email subscribers and millions of monthly readers.

She currently works for the Hustle, one of the world’s largest email newsletters. She’s helped them create and scale their premium publication, Trends, to thousands of subscribers and millions in ARR.

This year she’s also sold 1783 copies of ebook “Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right”

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