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Do you want to learn how to do keyword research to create content that will grow your website traffic?


Watch this interview with Gert Mellak of SEO Leverage, where you’ll learn:
– How to come up with content ideas for high-ranking articles on Google (that will bring you traffic)
– Live demo of how to use Ahrefs for keyword research


Topics discussed:


00:00  Introducing Gert Mellak

2:00  Is high volume, low competition still the best approach?

04:00  Buyer intent vs research

05:20  A better approach to keyword strategy

07:58 Creating content with intent in mind

10:36  How to use Ahrefs for keyword research

18:00  How to determine search intent for a specific keyword

34:14  How long should your content be?

43:00  What is a content cluster

46:32  Tools for creating SEO-optimized content


About Gert Mellak:


Gert is specializing in SEO and paid search marketing on Google, helping online businesses to get more qualified leads and sales from search engines.


Resources Mentioned:


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