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You’re a property buyers agent, and you want more leads. But where do you start?     

It can be tough to know where to focus your marketing efforts when there are so many options available. And it’s easy to waste time on activities that don’t actually produce results.     


In this podcast, we’ll share three tips for generating more leads as a property buyers agent. We’ll talk about how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and podcasts effectively to reach potential clients.    


This is a recording of a live coaching call with Sanders Muleya, Managing Director and Founder of MSISA Property and Consulting Agents. Sanders helps Australian medical professionals like nurses to build wealth through property.


What we discussed:

[00:00] Introducing Sanders Muleya
[05:30] How a book launch has helped Sanders to achieve a special goal
[09:17] Current marketing challenges and goals
[12:30] How to find & connect with leads on Linkedin
[24:43] Using an email welcome series to turn leads to clients
[25:10] Tips for repurposing existing content for your welcome series
[29:18] How to find guest podcast opportunities
[41:16] How to leverage a book to generate leads

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