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In this special episode, Anf handed over the mic to his good friend and Influence By Design podcast host Samantha Riley.


Sam asked Anf questions about business and life.


Topics Discussed:

0:00 Sam Riley welcome

01:05 A look into Anf’s corporate career

05:30 Launching a side hustle in Toronto, Canada

08:26 Partnership lessons from a failed FB Ads agency business

16:16 How to find your mojo after you’ve lost it

17:11 An important lesson about getting what you want from Anf’s mentor

18:42 Two lessons from working in a call centre that apply to business

22:49 Why authentic marketing is so important

29:20 Benefits of niching down a product or service

36:25 Anf’s 3 favourite travel destinations and why




Watch this fun chat!

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