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Do you want to learn why customer-centric marketing is no longer an option?

Watch this interview with Natalie Gullatt of HubSpot, where we’ll discuss:
– Customer marketing strategy with Hubspot’s leading customers
– Developing case studies and distribution

Topics discussed:

00:00 Introducing Natalie Gullatt @ Hubspot
04:07 What is customer marketing?
06:39 Traditional marketing vs customer marketing
08:54 What is inbound marketing?
11:00 Why and how Hubspot uses case studies
18:28 Why it’s important to do an audit of your products & services
22:10 Hubspot’s process for identifying which clients to profile
25:50 How to do customer marketing if you’re a small business
27:00 How Hubspot promotes their case studies
33:51 How to find and hire a great marketer
36:00 Natalie’s #1 tip for landing a role at Hubspot
38:00 Natalie’s #1 resource for learning customer marketing
41:00 Natalie’s tips for growing your network
45:18 One project that Natalie’s proud of
48:27 The best way to win with customer advocacy
50:27 One thing Natalie does for mental health

About Natalie Gullatt:

Natalie’s an experienced strategic and passionate marketing professional with a focus on marketing strategy, social media marketing, digital marketing and customer marketing.

She’s a marketing manager at HubSpot with team working skills, experience in inbound marketing, marketing strategies, social media marketing strategies and customer advocacy and customer retention initiatives in the B2B space and content management skills.
Resources Mentioned:
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