Meet the amazing fire dancer and creative entrepreneur, Logan Elliott, founder of Highly Flammable Ltd

Growing up in a farm, Logan had brief encounters with business when he was growing up from selling farm produce in the market to creating events for his local community in Christchurch. His experience from creating local community events created the passage to founding his entertainment company Highly Flammable which specialises in providing performances such as stilt walking, juggling, fire performances for corporate events.

In this episode of Transitions Podcast, I speak with Logan about his career in the entertainment business, the common struggles faced by creatives in getting acceptance & how to expand a creative business.

Listen and Learn

  • How his side hobby in University kick-started his entrepreneurship journey
  • How to validate your target market and the importance of creating a creative product to suit the relevance of that target market
  • The struggles creatives face in terms of getting acceptance & how to solve it
  • How to grow and expand your creative business
  • Tips on pricing strategy


  • “University events are really boring and I was like ‘How could we make this event more interesting and have a night that people can remember?’”
  • “Creatives tend to get too excited about an idea without digging deep into the problems to be solved”
  • “Creatives often don’t see themselves as entrepreneurs which I find fascinating because they are.”
Creatives tend to get too excited about an idea without digging deep into the problems to be solved” Click To Tweet

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Originally posted 2016-08-20 04:51:18.