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You’ve probably heard of virtual assistants, but what’s it actually like to work as one?



Working as a virtual assistant can be a great way to make money from home, but it’s not for everyone. Find out if this type of work is right for you in this interview with our super VA Janine Cabato.  



Janine shares her journey of leaving her job in hospitality and becoming a successful virtual assistant. 

Topics discussed:

  • Introducing Janine Cabato
  • What Janine was doing in her past career/life
  • What led her to transition to her current career/life
  • What did she find most challenging about the transition
  • What Janine loves most about her current work
  • What other benefits have she gained since changing careers/lifestyle
  • What’s been her top 3 lessons so far since the transition
  • What advice she might offer to someone thinking about doing the type of work she does
  • What’s one thing she wish she’d known before her transition
  • What’s one thing that she does for mental health and wellbeing
  • Janine’s top 3 highlights working with SCM
  • Final thoughts or words of inspiration



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