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Want to learn how to send cold emails to land partnerships and collaborations?


Watch this interview with Laura Lopuch of Laura Lopuch Global, where we’ll discuss:
– What’s the #1 question your cold email must answer for your reader to reply “yes”?
– What is a cold email, what are the types of cold emails, and how do you use them to grow your business?
– How can you use case studies in cold emails?


Topics discussed:


00:00 Meet Laura Lopuch

07:04 The biggest mistake that people make with cold emails

10:08 The #1 question your cold email must answer for your reader to reply “yes”

11:00 The 6 types of cold emails

15:38 How to stand out when pitching an expert

19:26 How Laura got her guest post featured on copy hackers (that went viral).

22:38 Cold email research tip #1

26:36 Cold email research tip #2

28:50 What should the subject line of your cold email be?

32:16 How can you use case studies in cold sales emails

39:16 Live breakdown of a cold sales email pitch (& how to improve it)

50:08 Two traits that great marketers have

51:50 Laura’s recommended resource for developing customer empathy

53:27 Two things Laura does for mental health


About Laura Lopuch:


Laura Lopuch is a cold email and pitch expert who helps freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs make more sales naturally with emails.

Four months after launching her business, she grew it by 1400%, using only cold emails. Laura’s success continued when one of her cold emails brought in a $20,000 client. She has since helped her students get their next big $10k or $25k client with cold pitch emails, using her powerful ‘The Relevancy Method.’

Laura wrote a viral article on cold emails for Copyhackers and has been featured on highly ranked industry blogs and podcasts. Her words have appeared on CrazyEgg, Kissmetrics, Predictable Revenue, and Unbounce. She has also spoken at conferences like MicroConf and Shine Bootcamp.


Resources Mentioned:


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