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Do you want to learn how to implement the 80/20 principle of online course funnels in all aspects of the business?


Watch this interview with John Ainsworth of Data Driven Marketing, where we’ll discuss:
– How to increase the number of email subscribers from existing traffic
– The 80/20 of online course funnels – what gives the best results quickest
– How did John get into building funnels for online course businesses?


Topics discussed:


[00:00]  Meet John Ainsworth
[08:10]  Where course creators fail with marketing
[11:45]   3 areas where course creators are losing money
[12:17]  2 ways to Increase revenue per sale
[18:13]  The power of upsells & the ideal discount range
[22:54]  How to make more sales through your email list
[24:33]  How do you create a good email promotion?
[25:12]  6-part email sequence to increase sales
[31:54]  3 easy ways to increase email subscribers from existing traffic
[41:39]  What’s the best tech stack for selling online courses?
[45:00]  How Data Driven Marketing uses case studies to sell
[51:16]  John Ainsworth’s recommended resources for marketers
[53:30]  John Ainsworth’s mental health practice


About John Ainsworth:


John Ainsworth is the CEO and founder of Data Driven Marketing. They help online course creators increase revenue by 4.86x on average.

With 20 years experience in building funnels and a degree in Mathematics, John has conducted extensive data analysis of hundreds of millions dollars of online business to create the field of Strategic Funnel Optimisation.

Data Driven Marketing has proven this process by helping dozens of online course creators 2x – 5x their revenue, and directly drives several million a year in revenue.

He’s a guest lecturer at Greenwich Business school and has been featured on Forbes.



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  • How To Double Your Online Business Revenue In 3 Months
  • Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online with Sales Funnels by Russell Brunson
  • Perfect Webinar by Russell Brunson
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