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Want to escape the business owner trap and create the freedom and lifestyle that you always wanted when you started your business?

Our special guest is David Jenyns, founder of systemHUB software and author of SYSTEMology – Create Time, Reduce Errors and Scale Your Profits with Proven Business Systems.

David is on a mission is to free business owner worldwide from the day-to-day operations of running their business.

In this episode, David shares with us:

02:04 Common challenges business owners have with systemization
05:12 How your ego can get in the way of being able to systemize effectively
07:49 The true cost of not systemizing your business
11:03 What are business systems?
15:29 Why the owner is the worst person to systemise the business.
17:18 How to determine what to systemize first (and why you need less systems than you think)
22:47 The 3 steps to creating effective systems – and how your team fits into the process


– Free system for systems template: https://www.simplecreativemarketing.com/david
– Systemology book: https://www.systemology.com/book/
– Google suite vs systemhub: https://www.systemhub.com/ (scroll to bottom of page)
Systemology toolkit – The Critical Client Flow™ (CCF), Systems Assign Sheet (SAS), KPI calculator

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