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Launching a new coaching product or service, and wondering how to generate more sales?


Our guest business owner is Ericka Bates of Talk Virtual, and she runs a mastermind group for event producers. She helps busy event producers who want to host attention-grabbing virtual summits and make money while creating great content they can repurpose.

In this coaching session, Anfernee Chansamooth helps Ericka clarify her sales approach and offers suggestions to improve her sales.


Topics discussed:


00:00 Meet Ericka Bates

03:30 Ericka’s 90-day business goals

17:01 Clarifying Ericka’s current challenge

17:20 Identifying the ideal client

23:52 Clarifying the core product

43:40 Role play – sales conversation & tips for improving sales


Resources mentioned:

  • Ericka Bates website
  • Ericka’s Virtual Summiteers mastermind
  • Your value is not your time – how to charge more as a consultant ft. Deborah Zahn of Craft of Consulting 


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