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Want a quick and proven way to create articles that rank on Google? You can do it with the help of Surfer SEO + Jasper copywriting software.

Google is the most important search engine in the world, but how do you get your article to rank on google?

The problem with SEO is that it’s too complicated for most people, so in this training, I’ll show you how to create an SEO-Optimized Article using Surfer SEO + Jasper (formerly Jarvis AI Pro/Boss mode).

Grab a FREE trial of Jasper + more training resources at https://simplecreativemarketing.com/jasper-resources 

Copy this Jasper recipe: https://www.simplecreativemarketing.com/JarvisSurferRecipe

In this demo:

00:00 Welcome
03:00 Introducing Jasper AI recipes
04:00 How to use my custom Jarvis Recipe to create SEO-optimized articles (with Surfer SEO + Jasper AI)
08:07 STEP 1: Use Surfer SEO KEYWORD RESEARCH tool to identify a high volume keyword for your topic/niche
10:18 STEP 2: Use SurferSEO CONTENT PLANNER to find the best angle and volume keyword to use for your article
15:06 STEP 3: Enable SEO mode in Jasper
18:53 STEP 4: Draft the article
53:14 STEP 5: Write article conclusion
58:45 STEP 6: Use SEO mode (Surfer SEO keyword suggestions) to optimize your article.
1:04:00 STEP 7: Prepare/edit the article for publishing
1:05:41 Bonus tips for promoting your article to increase your chances of ranking on Google

This process will save you WEEKS (maybe even months) of research and working out how to do all of this yourself.

Want a FREE trial of Jasper + more training resources? Go here: https://simplecreativemarketing.com/jasper-resources

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