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Do you want to learn how to charge more as a consultant?


Watch this interview with Deborah Zahn of Craft of Consulting, where we’ll discuss:
– Why did you start helping other consultants?
– What is the most common mistake you see new consultants make when they first start?
– How to bring in a steady, reliable pipeline of work.


Topics discussed:


00:00 Introducing Deb Zahn

02:40 Why Deb started helping other consultants

06:15 The most common mistake new consultants make when they first start

09:27 Why your value is far more than your time

10:06 How to charge more as a consultant

12:00 How to determine market rates

15:05 How to test your pricing

17:30 Consulting for a firm? You should price as they do

18:50 Underpricing is often not about the price

21:00 Tips for handling sales objections

28:20 Why you shouldn’t state a price on the discovery call

31:00 Negotiate, don’t discount

32:00 How to bring in a steady, reliable pipeline of consulting work

39:00 How to keep a healthy and helpful mindset for your business

47:23 How Deb uses case studies to sell her coaching programs

51:03 One thing that Deb does for her mental health


About Deb Zahn:


Deb Zahn is the CEO of the Craft of Consulting, through which she helps new and aspiring consultants start, build, and grow their consulting businesses and create the lives they dream of in less time.

She is also the host of the Craft of Consulting podcast, where she and other successful consultants share their strategies and insights for building their consulting businesses and delighting their clients.


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