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Want tips to create a high-converting lead magnet to attract B2B customers?


Tune in to this episode as we share why most lead magnets fail and how you can create one that doesn’t.

This community-powered episode was recorded live and features speed networking & Q&A session with live business owners who joined our B2B Podcast Party.   


Topics discussed:

[00:00] B2B Podcast Party Welcome &  
[04:55] Creating High-Converting Lead Magnets for B2B 
[05:12] Why lead magnets fail to convert 
[09:57] High-converting Lead Magnet Checklist 
[14:23] A not-so-great B2B Lead Magnet example 
[17:07] 3 Examples of Great B2B Lead Magnets 
[28:47] B2B Lead magnets Q&A 
[34:30]  Speed networking 90-second pitches 
[49:07] Content marketing Q&A  



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