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Want to learn how how to use content clusters to grow your web traffic and some expert marketing tips?

In this interview, Daniel Kingsley Daines-Hutt from and Amp My Content: Indepth Content Promotion Training will teach us how to create content clusters to grow your traffic.

Topics Discussed:

00:00 How Daniel Daines-Hutt got started with content marketing
07:30 Is Tiktok good for B2B marketing?
12:17 What is branding? And how does it relate to audience?
14:36 How to know your audience better
17:23 How to get started with CR
23:24 What should you name the menu items on your website?
28:47 What are content clusters and how can they help you grow traffic
34:57 How to start a content cluster
41:10 The power of pre-frame sequences in content marketing
47:15 How uses case studies to attract more customers
47:40 What should a case study include?
48:70 The power of combining case studies with how-to guides
53:40 Ideal case study structure
60:53 Ways to distribute your content

About Daniel Daniel Daines-Hutt:

Daniel is the Content Master at His goal is to take complex CRO topics and break them down so you not only understand them, but take action on them and see more lift from your business.

A psychology and behaviour nerd, Daniel has a background in content marketing and direct response advertising which is surprisingly similar to CRO. Understand the audience, get them to take a positive action, measure the results, do more of the same etc.

He’s had articles in the top 10 of all time on Inbound, and the top articles for 2 years on Growthhackers, with content shared or referenced by the CEO’s or heads of marketing from major companies.

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