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So why do B2B & professional services businesses fail at content marketing?

In this episode, you’ll learn:

[01:41] The top 5 reasons B2B & professional services businesses fail at content marketing

[13:35] 3 Tips for Effectively Marketing B2B & Professional Services Businesses


Top 5 reasons B2B & professional services businesses fail at content marketing


1. Unclear brand and value proposition 

Buyers want results and outcomes, not just information. Having said that, they also need to understand what your business, and you as the business owner, are really about – beyond what you can do for them. 


2. Leading with product or service instead of building an audience first 

We advocate an audience and education-first approach to marketing because I’ve seen too many businesses try to lead with product first and fail. (Want case studies of businesses who did this right? Read this.)


3. Focusing on the wrong content 

Businesses can inadvertently get stuck in producing parallel content instead of core content that results in more customers (this video explains the difference). 

Too much focus on “inbound” and not enough (or zero) focus on outbound. 

Too much “how to” and not enough customer success stories/case studies.


4. Limited “spray and pray” content promotion 

It’s not enough to create a blog post or video and throw it on your site and push it out once on your social media channels. 

Effective content marketing is not about how many people we reach, but about reaching the right people. 

The smartest business owners create content across a host of media, written, audio, and video – because they are doing it strategically. They know where their ideal customers can be found, they know how to reach them and they know how to be credible with them.

It’s better to simplify to 1 primary channel first, get that working well, and then move onto testing others. 

A crucial question to ask yourself here is – how does your content strategy relate to your marketing strategy? Furthermore, how do your marketing efforts drive business growth? 

(If you’d like some help to figure this stuff out, we can help)

Effective content marketing is not about how many people we reach, but about reaching the right people. Click To Tweet


5. Selling way too soon 

Content can be used to shorten the sales cycle, but when the business is only focused on getting cash right now, it loses a key ingredient of sales conversion – timing is everything. Refer to the next section on the 7/4/11 concept.


3 Tips for Effectively Marketing B2B & Professional Services Businesses


1. Differentiating through Brand Identity, Messaging & Proven Results

Getting very specific and niched on their vision and higher purpose, value proposition, and who they serve. Then clarifying their messaging to remove ambiguity, and sharing compelling case studies and proven results of past projects and clients. 


2. Referrals

Adding value to past clients and asking for referrals from people who already know, like, and trust them. Implementing an ongoing client nurturing, feedback gathering and referral system is a good investment in resources. Here are some good ideas for earning more money from the customers you already have. 


3. Partnerships

There are 3 types of partners that can really help when it comes to spreading the word of what you’re doing – strategic, content and co-marketing partners.

Identifying and developing relationships with each and then (co)-creating relevant and high-value content (digital assets) for them to distribute to their audiences can go a long way when it comes to building credibility for your brand and getting in front of their existing audiences. 

Why build an audience of 10,000 when you can partner with someone who already has the audience and add value to them through quality content? 


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