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Do you want to learn how to build trust and credibility when selling online products?


Watch this interview with Adrian Neumeyer of TacticalProjectManager.com, where we’ll discuss:
– How to understand the mindset and pain points of your audience
– How to create amazing content that gets people excited and generates lots of traffic
– How to market your business in an authentic way


Topics discussed:


00:00 Meet Adrian Neumeyer
08:57 The importance of audience research
12:40 How to create content that gets found
16:30 Identifying which keywords are bringing in actual buyers
24:47 How “hands-on” Adrian is with his business 4 years since starting
27:43 Expenses Adrian incurs to keep his business running
30:07 How to market your business in an authentic way
37:22 Dealing with imposter syndrome
40:23 How Adrian Neumeyer goes about launching digital products
43:00 What a typical work days looks like for Adrian Neumeyer
44:38 What Adrian would do in the first 30 days if he had to start over
48:48 How long it took Adrian to make a healthy profit margin
51:50 2 resources that Adrian recommends for building an online business
52:23 2 things Adrian does for mental health
55:22 Adrian’s #1 lesson for starting an online business


About Adrian Neumeyer:


Adrian Neumeyer is the founder and CEO of Tactical Project Manager. He has been working as an IT Project Manager for the past ten years.

Today, his focus is to help people improve their project management and leadership skills.


Resources mentioned:


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