Let’s grow your personal brand!

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So you want to grow your personal brand, right? 

Well, a good place to start is to get clear on your personal flywheel or “personal media engine” as David Perrell refers to it.

Pay specific attention to the following:

  • How people initially find out about you (ie. where will you share your thoughts, ideas, and tips publicly?)
  • How you’ll build a relationship with your audience/community over time? (Have you got a newsletter?)
  • How fans become clients or customers. 


Take a moment to write down what your personal media engine currently looks like, or how you might want it to look like over the next 6-12 months. 

I’d love for you to take a screenshot of it and either email it to me or better yet share it in my private FB community (link to join below) so other members can see what you’re building too. 

I highly suggest that you read the recommended book below too. This one book literally changed my life and what I understood about personal branding.

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Here are some resources and tools to get you on your way…

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