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Does “facebook marketing”, “content marketing” and “social media marketing” actually exist?

Yes, but they’re not marketing strategies as you might think (or have been constantly told).




On a recent Techcrunch article titled How Google Analytics ruined marketing, Samuel Scott writes:

Marketers in the high-tech world who use phrases such as “social media marketing,” “Facebook marketing” and “content marketing” do not understand the basic difference between marketing strategies, marketing channels and marketing content. And Google Analytics is to blame.

I agree.

There’s much more to marketing than just digital marketing channels

I’ve definitely fallen into the trap of putting far too much emphasis on online in the past.

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I see this as a common issue for many small businesses that I’ve worked with, and this also creates an environment where there are an endless amount of marketers pushing ads to you via social platforms promising that they have the “secret” to making your online marketing work (and unfortunately many of us are buying it).

I realise the irony of this, being in the business of helping small business owner better leverage online marketing to attract high quality clients, but I’ve always questioned the assumption that online is best or that one channel of marketing is right for everyone.

Google Analytics can’t completely help you

As for tracking marketing campaigns and the article I quote from, I’ve seen firsthand that there is definitely a limitation with Google analytics when it comes to tracking offline marketing activities i.e. you can’t track what you’re doing offline through GA. 

So the lesson here is that it always pays to question where the message is coming from and who actually benefits. It’s in Google’s best interest to push digital marketing channels, is it not?

[Tweet theme=”basic-full”]It always pays to question where the message is coming from and who actually benefits.[/Tweet]


Read How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing here. I highly recommend it. Then let me know your thoughts on the article.


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