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My Linkedin post got 61K views – so how did that happen?

First, some context…

I’ve just come off a 28-day Linkedin posting challenge, where I posted daily to Linkedin and engaged with the posts of other challenge participants.

I then created a post on Aug 17 (the day after the challenge) recapping the results that I got having completed the challenge.

The post had around 20K views within 2 days of going live. One week later, the same post has had 61K+ views!


So why was this particular post so successful?

A few key elements:

  1. attention-grabbing headline (using numbers/metrics in headline )
  2. subject matter – a Linkedin post about how to improve your results on Linkedin (teaching users how to use the platform better)
  3. practical – 3 steps for readers to follow
  4. tagging influencers/shoutouts – giving credit to the folks who helped me along the way. (Once they commented on my post that meant that their followers could also see that they had engaged with my post – which led to some of their people also viewing my post)

Somehow the post went viral in India! 

My biggest takeaway with all of this – be consistent. Publish daily.

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