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I have learned and gained so much from The Pack experience! I now know that I am not the only one dealing with certain blocks/anxieties. We all have them and by being part of The Pack, I now know way better how to deal with them, what they mean, etc. I am now definitely more efficient and more focused. Writing a to-do list and predicting how much time is required, then keeping track of it is so good. I have learned many new techniques (e.g. 5-min journal, Pomodoro-technique, and Erin's Action Power Hour). By being part of a group / being held accountable, these techniques are now part of my daily routine. I have some pretty big goals set for these 3 months and feel more in control after / since being part of The Pack.

Gretha Oost
Inventor of 321 Water & Project O

Here's What You Get When You're Accepted Into "The Pack" 10-week Accountability & Mastermind Group...

  • Be 1 of 20 brave entrepreneurs and professionals on a 3-month journey of increased productivity, accelerated growth, and character-building. Our mission is to help people get back onto the path they belong. You'll experience increased confidence, productivity, and motivation.
  • Our unique system keeps you accountable and moving forward on a daily basis. Routines are powerful - they ensure no stone goes unturned... and everyone can track their daily habits.
  • We believe it's important to have a right mix of offline and online interaction. Our specific schedule has proven to work brilliantly for Pack members. (Note: The Pack operates in Sydney and Melbourne only at this time)
  • Other courses typically have 40+ participants, where you get “lost in the crowd” which leaves you less accountable and dilutes your relationships. That’s why we believe in the power of small and lean. Therefore, our Packs are limited to 20 members at a time and we support each other in groups of 4.
  • Our members tell us that they are initially drawn to The Pack for practical and professional reasons, but they stay because of the safe space we create for authentic connection. We live our values as a Pack.

"Many accountability groups report back on a weekly basis.  Our group reported back on a daily basis for up to six days a week.  It's not overkill.  It actually forces you to plan your day and then deliver on that plan.  Otherwise, it is too easy to get to the end of the week and think..."what did I actually achieve?"  Well, by planning and delivering each day you KNOW what you've achieved by the end of the week and it is hugely motivating.  Having the rest of the group cheering you on and offering advice just makes the process even better and acts as a force multiplier to what you can achieve."

Trudy Rankin
CEO of West Island Digital

Your investment: only $420 AUD (that's only $42 per week!)

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Apply now to join "The Pack" (and save 30%)Only 10 spots left. Starting Oct 3.

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