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Consistent Focus + Daily Actions + Accountability = Success

If you struggle to find time in your busy calendar ... or if you have good intentions to take action (but get distracted or overwhelmed), then we have two levels of support to offer.

(Unlike most challenges, where you get the 'homework' but not much support to put it into practice, this 7 Day Sales Challenge is different. We've got your back!)

Action Power Hour uses the positive power of peer pressure. When everyone else is working out and taking action, it's much easier for you to step up and get those tasks done too.

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Choose your accountability level:

Level 1: Action Power Hour

Action Power Hour is like an online 'gym' for doing a 'workout' on your to-do list. It's an online chatroom for taking action on that day's Sales Challenge task.

We'll have two timeslots open: 9-10am AEST (for the self-employed) and 12pm-1pm AEST (for the people doing the challenge on their lunchbreak).

If you can't either of those times no sweat, you can join APH any time 24/7 and get your actions done!

Here's how it works:

  • 1

    Log in to APH channel on Slack, and you write in your first 15 minute task.

    "First 15 mins: brainstorm 6 people to call today".

  • 2

    Then you go do it.

    Complete the day's sales challenge activity.

  • 3

    After 15 minutes, report back:

    "Done. Next 15: call J".

  • 4

    Oh, and if you get distracted or overwhelmed, no worries.

    Just type: "Feeling overwhelmed. Too big a step to just call. Next 15: find J's number then write notes of what I can say".

  • 5

    Keep going until your 60 mins is up

    "Challenge complete. I'm out!"

Level 2: Action Power Hour PLUS a Buddy

Want to amp up your impact even more? Join the 'gym' with a buddy.

Find yourself a buddy to take the 7 Day Sales Challenge with. Commit to each other that you'll be at the gym every day.

Pay attention to their tasks they complete. 'Like' their post and send encouragement. Send them a private message and collaborate. That little bit of extra accountability can be help.

The best part? If they can't make it one day, you still have the Action Power Hour gym to turn up to. You're not reliant on your buddy, but they're like a bonus -- an extra X factor to get you to take action!

  • Support each other and push each other to improve
  • Strengthen your professional & personal relationship
  • Increase collaboration
  • Celebrate your wins together
  • Have more fun
  • Have a cool story to share with your mutual friends or colleagues afterwards

Sometimes I feel stuck or overwhelmed, especially at the start of the day. I've got a lot on my to-do list, and some important calls to make to (big, important) clients. I used to get so stuck and paralysed, and the feeling would sit in my stomach. But now I simply come log into Action Power Hour, type in my action, and take the first mini-step. And, like magic, I start to feel better. Action Power Hour is sooooo good.

Gretha Oost
Gretha Oost The O Initiative

I used to think I had ADD. I would set a timer, ready to start writing my blog (one of my goals) ... but then I'd get sidetracked with other things (like updating plug-ins on my website or going to the kitchen). Then the timer would go off, and I would think "How did that happen?" Action Power Hour really helped me focus on one thing at a time.

Keren Natalia
Keren Natalia Passionately Keren

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