Authentic Influence Live – Be Our Guest!

Authentic Influence is the show where we get real and go behind the marketing strategies, sales funnels, and campaigns of successful B2B companies. 

Looking forward to having you on the show!

Commencing Oct 2021 we’re shifting our focus and introducing a new show format.

As a guest, here’s how you’ll make this show valuable to our audience:

  1. Share how you’re collecting and using case studies/social proof and how effective they’ve been for your company
  2. Break down your sales funnel/buyer journey (for one of your customer avatars) and discuss actual metrics/numbers

A few important things to note:

  • This show is recorded as Live video and automatically streamed to Facebook and Youtube. Our team will then upload the audio to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms. (Listen to the podcast and subscribe here.)
  • Your interview may also be used as primary research for a new book I am writing.
  • Potential interview flow – This is a basic outline of the interview questions. I prefer to just flow with my guests, and not be too prescriptive. So don’t be surprised if we don’t completely stick to this outline.


Authentic Influence Live/Podcast Guest Form

Thank you for your interest in being a guest on our show. Please fill out this form so we can prepare for your interview.
  • We'll use this for promoting your episode
  • eg. "How to use Tiktok to generate B2B leads", "5 ways to get more referrals", etc.
  • These may be used for the flow of the interview and if we get stuck. One of them can be used to introduce your product/service.
    Breaking down our guest's marketing funnel is a key segment on the show.
    We require that guests share some insight into how their campaigns are performing, so if you're not able to share any of this info then we won't be able to proceed with the interview.
  • (We'll use this as a mini-video on socials)
    (This will help Anf prepare for your interview and to help promote your book)
    I hereby voluntarily and without compensation authorize voice & video recording(s) to be made of me. I hereby give permission to Simple Creative Marketing to use, reproduce, and distribute the video/voice recordings, including my name and submitted photo(s). I hereby agree to release Simple Creative Marketing from any claims, damages or liability arising out of such use or distribution. I understand that the use of my name, likeness, and voice recordings will be primarily for the purposes of commercial use, education and/or promotion by this organization. I have read and understand the foregoing and I consent to the use of my picture and/or voice as specified for the above-described purpose(s). I further understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation of any character shall become payable to me.

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