Let’s Get You Clients!

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Let’s get you clients!

Allow me to share a quick story with you…

In 2012 I co-founded a Facebook advertising and training business with another person. In the two years we worked together, we established ourselves as credible players in our industry.

We were only a team of two when we started, and both of us had tried and failed to run solo businesses previously, so we weren’t keen on trying to fly solo again.

We realised quickly that even with two people, we needed to systemise, automate or outsource many of our processes and admin tasks to grow the business in a way that didn’t involve the two of us doing EVERYTHING and BURNING OUT.

As we were bootstrapping the business, we needed to get our company in front of the right people (qualified leads) in a cost-effective way, and that moved them through an automated sales process as much as possible.

So we put time, money, and energy into creating automated systems for marketing and sales. We needed to take ourselves out of a lot of those manual processes as much as possible, and we did.

This gave us one massive benefit – freedom to choose higher-quality clients who valued what we were doing and would pay us for it, and that inspired us at the same time. It also gave us the freedom to learn, grow and connect with people we admired.

Why create a business that sucks up all your time and energy and one that makes you feel dread showing up to the office every day (even if that’s in your home office or somewhere lovely that you can’t enjoy)?

While we were far from operating a perfect business, we learned a lot about building a sustainable business during those two years. (In case you’re wondering, we split due to us having different personal directions. We’re still good mates.)

So if having better quality and paying clients and more freedom in your business is what you’re looking for right now, then I’m here to help.

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