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So you are trying to decide which content tool is right for you? Jarvis vs Frase vs Surfer SEO? This guide will help you decide.

What are content tools, and why do you need them

Content tools allow you to edit and generate content, but,, and Surfer SEO all have their strengths.

Frase is an AI tool that helps you generate article outlines. Jarvis speeds up the process for writing marketing copy and blog posts. And lastly, there’s Surfer SEO which enables you to produce content optimized for search engines.

Utilizing content tools like these offer multiple benefits:

  • speed up your workflow
  • increase your creativity
  • save time on content production
  • save money on hiring expensive agencies or freelancers
  • you don’t need to become an SEO or copywriting expert to produce great content
  • produce better quality and higher volume of content, including articles, email sequences, social media posts, product descriptions, a book, and more.

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What is the difference between Jarvis, Frase, and Surfer SEO

What is

Screenshot above: Frase outline builder

You must write about topics that people are looking for to rank higher in search engines, but the process is a slow and tedious one. So Frase allows you to turn content ideas into outlines that drive more organic search traffic.

Type a topic and get lots of related keywords with monthly search volume, plus related questions from Google, Quora, and Reddit. You can customize your search with search intent modifiers.

Pros and cons of Frase software


  • Quick and easy to turn outlines into highly detailed content briefs automatically with AI
  • Frase content briefs help your writers create content that hits the mark, reduces endless revisions, and drives more organic results.


  • Does not write the content for you
  • Does not look at keyword density so harder for content produced from Frase outlines to rank. As one user stated:

“Frase doesn’t even take the primary keyword frequency into account but just related terms. It’s good for outlines and to squeeze in some more related terms, but without something that looks at actual keyword density as well, such as Surfer, it’s a hit and miss if you use only Frase for content optimization.” content planner
Screenshot above: content planner Pricing offers two pricing plans:

  • Basic (1 seat) $ 44.99 / monthly
  • Team (3 seats) $ 114.99 / monthly

What is

Jarvis allows you to use AI to improve your conversion rates by writing more compelling copy. It can instantly generate high-quality copy for ads, emails, websites, listings, blogs, and more.

Jarvis employs GPT-3 artificial intelligence technology, which is changing the copywriting industry.

To get an idea of one way that you could use Jarvis, watch this video:

For additional Jarvis resources and free training check out our Jarvis resources page.

Pros and cons of Jarvis software


  • Save hours writing creative, original content. For example, I was able to write a 2,000-word article draft in just 30 minutes (Here’s how I did it)
  • Write social media posts in only 5 or 10 minutes instead of 30
  • End writer’s block forever with ideas with a robot
  • Create a blog post outline with a click of a button (note – Jarvis does not do keyword research and optimization like Frase or Surfer does)
  • Generate dozens of relevant headlines
  • Easily adjust the tone to your brand’s voice
  • Translate your content to 25+ languages
  • Simple to use
  • Super supportive and engaged community


  • Jarvis does not do SEO keyword research for you (but Jarvis integrates with Surfer SEO which makes it even better, in my opinion)
  • Jarvis does not do topic research, add links to credible sources online, images, or edit tone and voice. AI software does not remove the need to have a human editor involved in producing your content.
  • Not recommended for highly technical content (best to hire a technical writer for that)

Looking for other people’s reviews of Jarvis? Refer here. Pricing

Jarvis offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter ($29/mo)
  • Pro ($109/mo)
  • Pro + Boss Mode ($119/mo) – this is the one I’m using

Want a free trial of Jarvis? Click here to get 10,000 words (on us!)

What is Surfer SEO?

content score
Screenshot above: SEO Surfer content score

Instead of spending hours to come up with a content strategy that’s going to work for search engines, let Surfer’s algorithms do it for you. With all these writing ideas at your disposal, you can outrank the competition with tons of original content.

Pros and cons of Surfer SEO software


  • Generate a whole content strategy in a few clicks
  • Use it to write data-driven content loved by Google & your audience alike
  • Surfer SEO content editor gives you a list of keyword suggestions for you to use in your article, as well as a content score (see image above. Anything above 70+ has a good chance of ranking well on Google)


  • Does not write the content for you (that’s where Jarvis comes in!)

This is how the Surfer SEO content planner screen looks. This is super handy for identifying which keywords to focus on in your article. 

content planner 1
content planner
Screenshots above: Surfer SEO Content Planner

Surfer SEO pricing

BASIC $59/m 

  • Content Editor: 25 queries / month
  • Audit: 50 queries / month
  • SERP Analyzer: 15 queries / day

PRO $99/m 

  • Content Editor: 100 queries / month
  • Audit: 200 queries / month
  • SERP Analyzer: 50 queries / day
  • NLP Analysis: 50 queries / month


  • Content Editor: 300 queries / month
  • Audit: 600 queries / month
  • SERP Analyzer: 100 queries / day
  • NLP Analysis: 150 queries/month
  • Report White Labeling: Audit and Content Editor

Who should use each tool

case study

Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses. As a copywriter who makes a living from producing content for clients, all these tools are relevant and valuable for me (and indeed, I have subscriptions with all three at the time of writing).

Now here’s what Dave Rogenmoser, CEO of Jarvis, shared with the Jarvis community when they were announcing Boss Mode:

“We started Jarvis with the goal of helping businesses create great content at a great price with the help of AI. That goal continues today. More than that, we aim to create THE BEST tool that sets the bar for what AI content should be.

We aim to blaze the trail. Better content, faster output, easier to use.

If you’re a business owner or work at a business, and you have the ability to monetize your content, you’re going to absolutely love what we build for you in the coming years.

To be totally fair and transparent, I want to be clear about who Jarvis is probably not a good fit for the long term.

If you’re not a business owner, freelancer, using Jarvis to make money, or using it at your company as an employee, Jarvis likely isn’t for you. At least won’t be long-term.

I believe the statement highlighted above applies to all the tools listed on this page. If the content that you use these tools to generate does not in some way lead to you selling a product or service (making money!) then you really should consider whether or not it’s worth the investment.

There are many free tools available that are not as powerful, in my opinion, but that’s a better place to start if you’re strapped for cash.

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Tips on how to get started using content marketing in your business 

  1. Define your goals and audience
  2. Craft a content marketing plan (if you’d prefer to work with a marketing consultant, we offer a 2-hr strategy workshop)
  3. Find the right tools for you – Both and offer free trials, and you can get a risk-free 30-day trial of Surfer SEO too. So play with each tool for a week and see which works best for your needs.
  4. Make sure to share your content with potential customers on your website, social media, email, and other platforms so they can find it easily
  5. Track what’s working – measure how successful your campaigns are at meeting their objectives using metrics such as shares, clicks, conversions, etc.

Why you need a content marketing strategy to succeed online today

A content marketing strategy is essential because you must understand what your customers want and need.

Specifically, I recommend that all content marketers aim to write:

– Content about a problem or pain point they personally experienced

– Content that solves problems and addresses pain points their typical customer has (or will likely have) 

– Quality blog posts on topics related to the business model of your company – these are best written by knowledgeable employees at the organization who can talk from experience with actual data.  

Frase, Jarvis, and Surfer SEO – which tool is right for your business?

If you’re trying to decide which tool is suitable for your needs, the first thing you need to do is figure out what type of content you want to produce. and are both great tools that help with marketing in general. Still, if you are interested in SEO specifically, then Surfer SEO would be the better choice because it has all of the features needed without any additional costs (in-app or monthly).

The next step would be figuring out how much money you can spend per month and who will be using this software – whether it’s the business owner, a marketing person on your team, or an outsourced content partner.

In my experience, using Jarvis + Surfer SEO has produced the best result for my business. Two of my articles produced with this combo are ranking pages 1 and 2 on google within 3-4 weeks of publishing already (and I’m working on more as we speak). Alternatively, you could use Jarvis + Frase.

Important note – AI software does not remove the need to have a human editor involved in producing your content.

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(Featured image Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels)

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