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Vitalia Fedossova, Freelance Accountant

"By the end of the first month of working with Anf, I made certain long-term changes to my work that resulted in more income, more flexibility, more responsibility, and more time for the things I love. It was almost too good to be true, but it was real!"


Seung-wun Yi, Sky Academy Education

"After working with Anf I came away having identified my marketing message and core value in my industry, and knowing with clarity my ideal clients and their biggest pain points. I now have an overall plan of action that I'm looking forward to executing."


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Anh-Dao Nguyen, Earth Discovery Club

"Anf is an uplifter, bringing confidence out of people while giving them the practical steps to live the life they want. Anf’s guidance helped me to gain clarity and take action to set up the Earth Discovery Travel Club within only 3 months. We’ve since had 300+ members join and have run 20+ events. Having achieved this makes me feel fulfilled. A pleasure to work with Anf, thank you!"


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Kristy Smith, Virtual Elves

"What I enjoyed most about the sales challenge was the structure and easy way we are guided through the various daily challenges, and the really wonderful nurturing way it is delivered. If you want to get clear on your market, be forced to ask for what you want and be made accountable all the way then "Get More Clients" is the course for you. If you follow every step you WILL get more clients! "


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Scott Lee, The Unspoken Pitch


"Working with Anf has been most inspiring. There are not a lot of marketing consultants out there that speak from the heart and have a compassionate touch. I was feeling confused and lacked clarity and purpose. It was through his workshop I was able to come out with intention and purpose on making a difference to my market. If you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable in marketing, mindset, business and work-ability in all aspect I would highly recommend him."


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