This is day 11 of my 37 days of content challenge and today I’m profiling one amazing member from my Momentum Warriors community (a private FB group of 240+ creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers who support & motivate each other to take action to do amazing things in the world).

Meet Tomi!

Warrior Profile #2: Tomi Trstenjak


1. Who are you and what are you about (what’s your “why”)?

My why is to master my own personal artistry and donate money to those less fortunate along the journey. I intend to donate 25% of my winnings from card counting to worthy charities.

2. How are you working towards your vision right now?

Im always taking the opportunities that comes my way continuously and am currently training all the drills to become an advantage player with an also working full time to build a sizeable income investment for the soloprenueur business. I’ve given my idea with my how to a local live your legend meetup for helping me.

Never give up on reaching the mountain for your own dreams. Click To Tweet

3. What’s one obstacle you’ve overcome in the last 12 months & how did you do it? What did you learn that others might benefit from?

I stopped gambling altogether, dealt with the struggles from it and have moved into a better way of living. I learnt to let go of the desire (to gamble) and to never give up on reaching the mountain for your own dreams. I desire instead to help others achieve and have access to identify and pursue their own impossible dreams as well.

Tomi was courageous enough to share his money story on High Fiving Dollars (a blog created by another Momentum Warriors member – Sarah Li Cain, who we’ll profile real soon!). Read his story here:

Money Story: Tomi’s Gambling Addiction

4. What’s your superhero power?

I calm people with my presence. Im likeable and radiate positive energy. I have calming interaction with people while talking even on the phone as i have been in IT client support for 12 years.

5. What’s been most valuable to you being a member of this community?

The close relationships and camaraderie experienced within the group. I love this close space we have to share with one another.

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