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Wondering why people might be ignoring your marketing? Here’s an important lesson from Panadol.

There’s a common saying in the marketing world, you might have heard it before:

“Sell them what they want, then give them what they need.”

This is a powerful idea, once you get it and apply it correctly.

To paraphrase one of my mentors,

“You’ll need to meet the client where they’re at in order to take them where they need to go, otherwise they’ll resist your efforts.” 

This is why a great copywriter or content writer is worth their weight in gold, as they’ll do the necessary digging to really understand your ideal client, and write copy that uses the right language to connect with your audience.

To demonstrate this concept, take a look at how Panadol changed their messaging over the years in their advertising.

This is an ad they produced in 1983:

The message focuses on the science of the product ie. “contains paracetamol”. which is a feature.

Now watch one of their ads from 2014, and see if you can spot what’s different about the message:

What did you notice?

You might have observed how the message shifts to “when pain goes away, life takes it’s place“, and how they don’t even mention the key ingredient anymore. (If you got that right, go you!)

Panadol’s research showed that customers didn’t care about the scientific ingredient, they just wanted their pain to go away so they could focus on enjoying life.

Once they changed their messaging, their sales went up. Surprise, surprise!

Panadol has learnt to sell a benefit, instead of a feature.

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If you pay attention to other advertising around you daily (TV, FB ads, etc.), you’ll see this concept in play there too. Take a look one day and let me know what you discover 🙂

Now take a look at your marketing…

  • Are you meeting your customers where they’re at?
  • Are you selling them what they want, and then giving them what they need after they buy?
  • Are you selling features or benefits?

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