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This article will explore how copywriting software can help improve your SEO ranking and get more traffic while saving time!


How many articles have you written in the last few months? How long did it take to write them? If you’re like most busy business people, then not only are you tired of writing new content for your website, but it’s also taking up a lot of time.

Delays in publishing articles consistently mean your content marketing, SEO, and digital marketing isn’t as effective as it could be.

Less high-quality content on your website means fewer readers are finding you in Google search, which can mean fewer sales for your business.

Well, today we’re going to change that.

Disclaimer: Please note this post about copywriting software may contain affiliate links. This means I may receive a commission if clicked at no extra cost to you. Though the opinions remain my own

TLDR: Watch this video to see how you can use copywriting software to write high-quality content that will rank on Google faster.

At the time of writing, the current price for Jasper.AI copywriting software is $109/mo for the Pro plan.

To me, this AI-driven copywriting software is hands-down the best tool of its kind on the market right now. I 100% recommend it.

Note: It will take time to familiarise yourself with writing with an AI tool like Jasper. I’ve put together a list of Jasper training resources and recipes to help you get started here.


Results I’ve achieved with the help of copywriting software


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing different tools to improve and speed up my content writing workflow, and here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been able to write so far:

  • Drafted a 3,000-word article in under 2 hours (on a topic that I’m a relative newbie in). Usually, that would take 1-2 hours just to do the outline, and then another 4-6 hours to write the article.
  • Turned my previously published 1,200-word article into a 3,966-word article in 3 hours. The article 5 reasons why using a content strategy will make your marketing more effective is now a much more in-depth piece. This would have usually taken me 6 – 8 hours to achieve, spread out over multiple days.
  • Re-wrote my Linkedin profile summary in under 10 minutes (instead of 30 minutes)
  • Wrote and published a Linkedin post in under 15 minutes (instead of 30+ minutes). Check out the post below.

On average, thanks to this fantastic copywriting software I’ve cut down the time it takes for me to plan and write my content by 50 – 70%. That’s crazy!

Now I want to clarify here that there’s still editing time to be added (I’ll explain more on this below). So that can be an additional 30 – 120 minutes depending on what needs to be done.

Either way, the time saved on content creation by using copywriting software has been significant. The technology is incredible.

I’ve been blown away by how powerful these tools have been for my own business and helping clients with their content marketing.

So I’m 100% confident that these writing tools will save you time and free you up to focus on other essential activities for your business (like making sales and serving customers). copywriting software- Linkedin bio

Editing my Linkedin bio in


What is Copywriting Software?


Copywriting, in general, refers to creating content with a persuasive message for marketing purposes. The purpose behind these messages is usually advertisements or sales pitches for products or services.

However, just because you use it for advertising doesn’t mean it has to sound like an advertisement when written out as text. You can also write copy that persuades people to read articles around specific topics of interest without being overly pushy about your product’s features and benefits.

A key benefit of copywriting software is that it can help businesses who are short on time to significantly speed up their content workflow without sacrificing quality.

Copywriting software can help you to write copy for:

  • landing pages
  • social media posts
  • blog articles
  • case studies
  • e-newsletters
  • website copy
  • press releases
  • google my business listings
  • product descriptions for e-commerce stores
  • products and services pages for your website
  • e-books or actual books
  • youtube video descriptions and scripts
  • podcast show notes
  • the content of ads, and
  • any other marketing material that you can think of!

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What are the 6 core copywriting skills?


1. A strong understanding of how to structure copy that keeps the reader engaged.


While copywriting formulas aren’t necessary to write high-converting copy, they can be helpful as frameworks for brainstorming. Popular copywriting formulas include AIDA, AICPBSAWN, and PAS.

Another copywriting formula is the Snowball Technique which involves writing one sentence at a time followed by small paragraphs that expand on what has been written before it.

Pro tip: copywriting software has the AIDA and PAS copywriting formulas built-in as handy templates.


2. A knack for storytelling


The best copywriters can tell stories about the product or service they’re selling.

Storytelling is an essential skill for copywriters because it’s a great way to build trust and empathy with the audience.

When we recruit writers to produce case studies for our clients, we look for their ability to tell a compelling story.


3. An understanding of the importance of headlines and subheads


A great headline will catch the attention of readers and make them want to read more.

A subhead that describes what’s in the article will entice people to click on it, so copywriters should ensure they include these elements in their work.

The best headlines are often provocative or controversial, but only because they grab your audience’s attention!


4. Ability to write with emotion and personality


Why is it important to write with emotion and personality?

Well, unless you’re writing for robots, the chances are that the reader is a human with feelings.

Research shows that more people buy products when they feel some connection to the product or company. Emotion is one of the most potent driving forces in marketing, and copywriters should always prioritize this.


5. Strong research skills


The real secret, and often underestimated factor, of writing strong copy is strong research.

An effective copywriter should know how to do their homework and find the correct information, anecdotes, relevant data to make what they’re saying in their content compelling.


6. The ability to think like your audience


Any content will fail if it’s not written with a specific person in mind.

It’s not enough to know the target audience or demographics – copywriters must think about how they would feel if they were reading the copy.

The more that copywriters can empathize with their potential customers, the better chance of success when it comes to writing content that engages and persuades them.


7. A basic understanding of SEO


I’m going to add another core copywriting skill here – SEO understanding.

This is essential these days if you’re serious about producing copy that gets results in terms of ranking on page 1 of Google.

Pro tip: copywriting software like Surfer SEO can help you produce SEO-optimized content without you needing to become an SEO expert.

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What software do copywriters use? 4 of the Best copywriting Tools we use and recommend


While there are many copywriting tools on the market, I’m only going to speak about the tools I’m actively using and can endorse.

Here’s a list of the best copywriting software tools that I’ve found so far for writing high-quality content faster:


Jasper.AI (formerly


Imagine if you had an AI-driven copywriting assistant that helped you create content that ranks high on Google.

It would be like having your own virtual copywriting assistant, one who took care of every minute detail for you so you could focus on doing what really matters: creating great content.

That’s the power of Jasper.AI – it gives copywriters a way to automate their workflow and create better-written articles with less time spent than ever before.

The copywriting software is powered by artificial intelligence, which means no more long hours writing about any topic imaginable while using traditional tools that only get in the way instead of helping to write quality posts faster.

This revolutionary tool saves copywriters up to 30% of their time (and potentially much more) when using this incredible algorithm-driven AI engine. Review & Demo – Save Time Writing Content with AI Copywriting Software


Here’s a video I did where I share my thoughts on the tool, what it offers, and also what it cannot do.


How to write social media posts faster using Jasper AI copywriting software


Here’s a demo I did of how to write social posts using this fantastic copywriting tool. Pricing


The PRO UNLIMITED and BOSS MODe plans comes with the long-form assistant, an absolute game-changer if you plan to write long-form articles.

As of Feb 2022, Jasper offers two pricing plans:

  • Starter (starts at $29/mo for 20,000 words/mo)
  • Pro ($109/mo)
  • Boss Mode (starts at $99/mo for 100,000 words/mo) – this is the one I’m using copywriting software pricing

Which Jasper pricing plan is best for your content needs?

Basically, the Starter plan is for short copy, and Boss Mode is for long content like long-form articles.

Want a free trial of Jasper? Click here to get 10,000 words (on us!)

To me, this AI-driven copywriting software is hands-down the best tool of its kind on the market right now. I 100% recommend it.

Note: It will take time to familiarise yourself with writing with an AI tool like Jasper. I’ve put together a list of Jasper training resources and recipes to help you get started here.


Surfer SEO


One of the challenges with writing content that ranks well in Google is the time it takes to become an SEO expert. There are many factors that go into ranking content for SEO, and it takes years to master all the nuances.

Fortunately, Surfer SEO is a fantastic software that can help with copywriting and SEO to rank content well in Google.

In my experience, Surfer is one of the best copywriting tools because it helps people create high-quality articles quickly. You no longer have to spend hours researching SEO keywords for your next article because it will be done for you by AI-driven technology.

AI doesn’t just cut down on time, though; it also does a fantastic job researching relevant keywords, so you know what information to put into your post without having any prior knowledge about the topic whatsoever!

Surfer SEO pricing starts at $59 per month, and there are various packages available to suit different needs. You can also access a 7-day trial for $1 from their website.


Grammarly Pro


One thing that can hurt your content is poor grammar, and the best tool to prevent that is Grammarly Pro. The free version has some helpful tools, but the pro includes more features designed to help you write as well as possible.
With this addition to your toolkit, your articles will be of higher quality for readers.

Grammarly Premium costs $30/month or $120/year to unlock all of its benefits, including advanced formatting options and access to additional premium resources such as word lists to enhance any writer’s vocabulary.




Plagiarism can be a significant issue with content published online. You don’t want any articles that you produce (or pay someone to create – human or AI) to include plagiarised content.

Copyscape is a tool that checks any content you copy and publish online against an ever-growing database of web pages to find out if it has been published anywhere else on the internet before.

You can also use Copyscape to check your own work for plagiarism

Just paste in what you’ve written into its search bar, and click “search.”

It will show up as either “100% unique” or “Possible match found with X%. Click below to see full report,” where X is how much of the article matches another site’s text.

We recommend using Copyscape every time you write something new so that there are no mistakes – human or AI-generated.

Copyscape pricing starts at $14.95/month for personal use and goes up to a maximum of $999.00 USD with enterprise licenses available.


Other popular copywriting software tools


While the following tools don’t necessarily help you with writing, they can help you produce better content for your audience.


Hemingway App


This tool helps you write more concise sentences.

Hemingway app’s editor highlights difficult passages so you can read them more easily without getting distracted by unnecessary details or repetition; it also has its built-in dictionary, which provides definitions of uncommon words and synonyms for common ones; it’s available both online and offline.




Find out what content is performing well on social platforms, and then use that as a guide for creating better content on proven topics.




Create graphics for your blog posts or social posts in minutes.


Google Docs


Collaborate with others to edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations together online.  




Scrivener is a most popular software tool with novelists, but copywriters can also use it to create documents quickly.

It organizes all the parts of your manuscript into one project file, so you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting anything when you’re writing and editing on the go.

This tool is perfect for writers who need help organizing their thoughts before they start writing.


Readability Test Tool


Checks your text for readability based on grade level 

Note: now has an inbuilt function that allows you to write for a 10th-grade level.


Word Counter


Counts words in documents to help writers stay within their word count limit. 




An online dictionary provides synonyms of words so you can find more descriptive words than just “good” or “bad.” 


CoSchedule Headline Analyzer


Want to write better headlines? This tool will tell you how compelling your headline is in just a few seconds.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer measures the emotional response to a headline and understands why people feel that way.

Copywriters can use this information to tweak their headlines for improved results with search engines, social networks, customer engagement rates, and




TLDR This helps you summarize any piece of text into concise, easy to digest content so you can free yourself from information overload.

An alternative tool that others speak highly of is Quillbot.




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What exactly does a copywriter do?


A copywriter is someone who creates content for a company to use to promote its products and services.

There are many different types of copywriters – some write marketing copy, others create blog posts or other web-based articles.

The main focus is on writing the words to convince customers to buy into whatever an advertiser is selling.


What is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer?


While these two terms are often used interchangeably, there is a distinct difference.

Content writers typically write articles, blogs, social media posts, and other content for businesses.

On the other hand, copywriters are usually hired to create a specific type of content with stringent requirements. More often than not, this content is focused on converting readers to subscribers or buyers.

Sometimes this can be the same person, but not all content writers are trained or skilled in copywriting. Or vice versa.

Copywriters and content writers can work freelance, work for an agency, or be a key resource for a virtual CMO.


Do copywriters make good money?


Copywriting is a lucrative job, and the best copywriters make well over $100k.

They can often sell their services at prices ranging from $50 -$200 per hour of work.

For copywriters based in Australia, the average rate for working with copywriters is between $150-$250 per hour.

Becoming a professional copywriter can be difficult due to how competitive it is in this field, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities out there.

Some companies will hire freelance copywriters as needed by them or on commission based on projects they have been awarded; some require experience in marketing before you’re employed full-time, while others do not want newcomers who don’t know what they’re doing yet and would.

As an experienced copywriter you may also expand or pivot beyond producing copy and offer higher-priced services. As I learned in 2017, if you can help clients produce a clear marketing strategy and provide access to a team of outsourced partners (like a graphic designer, editor, data analyst, sales expert, and so on), then you can offer a highly valued virtual CMO service.

Being a Virtual CMO does however require strong leadership and project management skills, a dependable network of contacts, and an ability to deliver regular reporting and marketing results for clients. So if you can’t or don’t want to provide those things, then I’d recommend sticking to copywriting.

If you’re a copywriter or want to be a copywriter, then copywriting tools like those I’ve mentioned in this article can help you produce content for your clients faster.

If you’re just starting, adding these tools to your workflow will speed up your content production time as well as your quality of work, so I believe it’s well worth the investment.


Ready to write Content Faster?


If you’re looking for a way to write more content faster, there are many copywriting software tools that can help.

The hottest and best copywriting tool on the market right now is copywriting software. 

I also highly recommend Surfer SEO if you’re serious about getting your articles ranking page 1 on Google.

I also suggest using Grammarly as it will catch grammar mistakes without having to use another software or manually checking over every sentence before publishing online.

So with these copywriting tools in your tool belt, and as part of your content writing workflow, you’ll see your digital marketing results improve in almost no time!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this entire 2,836-word article was written using + Surfer SEO + Grammarly Pro. Total writing time = 2 hrs. Total editing and formatting for WordPress = 1hr. Here’s a screenshot of my time tracker:




Have you found any other copywriting software that has helped make content creation easier? Share below!


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