(This is day 9 of my 37 days of content challenge. It’s TOOLS day!)

Looking for a productivity tool that will help you focus and get more done?

Well, you might like this one…

My tool suggestion for today is Ultidash


Ultidash is a Chrome extension so you’ll need Google Chrome browser to use it.

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Here’s what it looks like after you install it:


Ultidash has the following features that help you get more productive:

  • Site blocker
  • To-do lists
  • Analytics
  • Time tracking
  • Site tracking
  • Customizable

Got a problem with spending waaaay too much time on facebook (like I do)?

No problemo Amigo!

Enter the FB URL into the site blocker function, hit save and then try to browse over to your blocked site and you’ll get lovely messages like these…


Yes, yes I do…


Ain’t nothing quite like your browser keeping you accountable is there?

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It takes all about 10 seconds to install the extension and then set it up. How’s that for an awesome 10 seconds invested?

Anyways, head over to the Ultidash website to grab the plugin and give it a go.

If you want to give the creators some feedback and/or kudos jump on their Product Hunt page (where I discovered this tool) and let them know what you think of it.

So what’s your favourite productivity tool or app? Share in the comments below so myself and others can check it out too.

Originally posted 2016-09-15 01:32:47.