This is day 4 of my 37 days of content challenge and today I’m profiling one amazing member from my Momentum Warriors community (a private FB group of 240+ creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers who support & motivate each other to take action to do amazing things in the world).

For our first Warrior Profile I had the honour of interviewing my beautiful fiance, co-founder of SCM, and moderator for Momentum Warriors!

Warrior Profile #1: Cindy Pham

Cindy Pham

1. Who are you and what are you about (what’s your “why”)?

I was always a rebel – someone who has always done what I always wanted to do. I never regretted anything. I base my decisions in life and in everything on how I feel mostly, and how people are affected by it.

I’m a dreamer, a princess, and the leader of my pack (my siblings). I’m a fighter who always looks on the bright side of everything.

I would like to create a community that doesn’t involve physical money. Money isn’t the problem, it’s just that a lot of us focus on money and they just live for money. You’re supposed to use money as a tool. So I want to bring out the fun in life, the joy in life, the oneness of life.

I’m in the world to lead or guide people to be whatever they want to be.

Sometimes that means doing spontaneous dances in Danang, Vietnam!

2. How are you working towards your vision right now?

By just being myself and trying to improve myself, and being open to views.

Right now I’m just trying to improve myself and support my partner in his business so he can help other people. Helping his business helps me because I think he was meant to be with me to help me build my vision.

3. What’s one obstacle you’ve overcome in the last 12 months & how did you do it? What did you learn that others might benefit from?

I think the last 12 months has been quite interesting and a lot of events have happened. There has been a lot of ups and downs emotionally, and I think I’ve actually maintained myself pretty well. I’m proud of that for myself (pat on the back). Sometimes you have to remind yourself to do that.

I’ve learnt that if you can change it, change it. If you can’t then let it be and enjoy your life.

4. What’s your superhero power?

Apparently my superhero power is teasing *laughs*

I imagine teasers have a lot of fun and add spice to people’s lives. That’s why I’m creating the Teaser brand. I’m thinking of Teaser as fun, adventure and feeling good about yourself.

5. What’s been most valuable to you being a member of this community?

I think that the people in the community are very supportive. I see the dedication of the leader, who’s checking the group every 2 seconds always very concerned about the community. I think that’s very rare to find in a person nowadays. That’s called passion and I think people who live with passion are always good to be around, so I like that about the community. It’s like a disease, it’s contagious.


I was curious about this…so I thought I put it out to you, the universe to shed some light.

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To connect with Cindy you can check out The Teaser Brand on instagram, or join our Momentum Warriors community.

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