I’m doing a “37 days of content” challenge, starting today, and I want both YOU and I to learn from it.

The background story

My brilliant and creative friend Susie Chang shared a few days ago that she’s doing a 37- day challenge. She asked if anyone wanted to join her, and after taking a deep breath, I posted a reply to her post on Facebook saying “yes, count me in!

Now let me introduce you to the voice inside my head… (for real!)

Taking a cue from my friend Coach Jennie (who recently launched her book about overcoming your inner naysayer), I’ve named my inner critic “Terrible Tony”. Let me warn you right now – Terrible Tony is not the nicest guy around.

So there I was deciding to do this 37-day challenge and this is what Terrible Tony had to say about it…

“Whaaaaattt! Are you insane Anf? You NEVER do well with these challenges! You’ve got a whole tonne of stuff to do already trying to build this business so what makes you think you’re gonna be successful with a 37-day challenge? You struggle enough with trying to stop eating chocolate before going to bed!”

Yes, Terrible Tony is a total jerk!

Sadly he’s been with me all my life telling me to stay in my comfort zone, play small and not do anything that might lead to disappointment or utter failure.

The strange thing about all this is that I realise he’s actually got positive intentions. He’s trying to protect me. The problem is that the more I listen to him the more disappointed I get in myself for not doing the things that I really want to be doing.

So this is me saying “Shush Terrible Tony! It’s time for me to get stuff done!”

Right, now let’s talk about the challenge shall we?

What’s in it for you?

  • Daily tips – learn how to grow your influence, find your tribe and build your business online using strategies, tactics and ideas that have worked for myself and other successful creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers.
  • Entertainment – yes, you can laugh at the silliness that goes on in my head every single day (the fun never stops and Terrible Tony will be making an appearance occasionally I’m sure!)
  • Motivation – hopefully by sharing practical and actionable content with you each day you’ll be inspired and motivated to do not just learn but TAKE ACTION. I’d love to hear about anything you implement and how it’s working out for you. Let’s learn and grow together, cool?

Sound awesome? Join my list to get daily reminders and updates as I go through the challenge. You’ll also receive my “Amplify Your Influence” Influencer Kit which contains goodies for growing your influence online.

What’s in it for me?

“It’s easy to do things when we’re feeling good, but it’s when we’re not feeling great and we force ourselves to work out anyway – that’s when we really develop mental toughness”.

So over the next 37-days I want to develop my mental toughness and discipline when it comes to consistently producing high quality content.

  • 37 days of content – I won’t lie, I lost 5 years of blog posts from my old website (I can’t find the backup files *cry*) so there’s no time like the present to share what I’ve spent over 7 years learning, practising, and failing at. It’s time to beef up the content on this site and practise what I preach.
  • Publishing better quality content – Articulate my current philosophies about marketing, business and influence. I don’t just want to post any random content for the sake of posting content. It has to be purposeful, insightful and actionable. So I’m asking YOU to be the judge and let me know if I’m not hitting the mark with this.
  • Connect with my tribe – I know that there are awesome people out there who share similar values and want to learn and grow as well. I want to know what challenges they’re facing with building their business and influence, so that I can help them work through it. My hope is that I will share such great value to you that you will become an amazing member of my online community, subscribe to my updates, and sign up to one of my programs (if and when it makes sense for you to do so).
  • Be prolific, not perfect – This is a really great opportunity for me to practise the mantra that I’ve shared with my current Accelerator program students – “Done and out is better than perfect”. I’m committing 60 minutes per day to this and I want to make it as simple as possible for me to create, publish and share. (Sorry Terrible Tony, I won’t allow perfectionist you to convince me that I need to edit something a gazillion times before getting it out there, which would probably mean that I don’t get it out at all!)

[ctt title=”When we’re not feeling great and we force ourselves to work out anyway – that’s when we really develop mental toughness.” tweet=”When we’re not feeling great and we force ourselves to work out anyway – that’s when we really develop mental toughness.” coverup=”K6V2s”]

How will this work?

Here’s how I plan on executing this 37-day challenge (and of course plans are subject to change):


(Side note: This awesome visual was created by my lovely fiance! If you’d like to turn some of your stuff into cool visuals that you can share around then go here & get one for $5 (you’ll be helping my fiance practise her design skills too)

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the game plan:

  • Monday: #MarketingMonday – I’ll share a marketing strategy, tip or insight that will help you improve your marketing.
  • Tuesday: #TransitionsTuesday – I’ll publish a new episode of my Transitions Podcast. Want to listen to interviews with inspiring entrepreneurs and career changers who have successfully transitioned to meaningful, fulfilling and financially sustainable careers? Tune in to Transitions Podcast. www.transitionspodcast.com
  • Wednesday: #WisdomWednesday – I’ll provide some insight and my perspective on what’s working and what’s not working in the world of online marketing, and I want to lift the lid on some of the dodgy practises going on that gives us good guys a bad wrap when it comes to marketing and sales. I’ll also go behind the scenes and share the reality for entrepreneurs behind the glamorous instagram and facebook images that we all see.
  • Thursday: #ToolsThursday – I’ll share one cool tool, app or technique that can help you get more productive.
  • Friday: #FeedbackFriday – I’ll respond to a question from one of the members in my Momentum Warriors private FB community. It could be a review of a Warrior’s website, blog post/article, or marketing material. Join our private Facebook Community of 240+ creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers to support & motivate each other to take action, and to post your stuff up for review!
  • Saturday: #CelebrateSaturday – I’ll profile an amazing member from our Momentum Warriors community and ask them to share something they’ve done to help grow their business or influence.
  • Sunday: #SuccessSunday – I’ll record and share a Live video on my FB page (which I’ll put here on the blog too). I’ll present a 7-minute tip on how to be more successful and balanced in your life and business. Furthermore I’ll be doing it right after my morning run down by the local river in my running gear (sexy baby!).

Terrible Tony says:

“Holy F*CK! That’s a heck of a lot of stuff! Are you SURE you can pull this off Anf?”

Anf says: Yes Terrible Tony, we’re going to make it happen and we’re not going to be perfect… but we will be prolific.

Now it’s your turn…

Got a question/challenge/frustration about marketing your business (and growing your influence) online that I might be able to help you with?

Post your question in the comments section below and I’ll answer it in an upcoming blog post or video.

Originally posted 2016-09-07 01:52:52.