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Simple Creative Marketing simplifies content marketing for growth startups that are creating a tonne of content yet are struggling to get leads online.






We create content marketing strategies and case studies that convert for 6-figure+ services, SaaS, and eCommerce sellers.

Simply put, we help you to generate more leads and sales (with less content).

Launched in 2016 by Director Anfernee Chansamooth, Simple Creative Marketing started as a “7-day startup” challenge. The goal: get a paying client within 7 days. We got 2!

Anf had just left his full-time marketing manager position for one of Australia’s largest co-working spaces, and he saw an opportunity to help fast-growing businesses to better leverage content to attract new business opportunities.

We help growing businesses to prioritize their marketing spend, generate more leads, and build confidence that what they are doing is on the right track. We also prove that you can create less content and still produce better results.

Our Team

Anfernee Chansamooth

Anfernee Chansamooth


Cindy Pham

Cindy Pham

Chief Efficiency Officer

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