TRANSITIONS 014: Tackle your inner naysayer and get out of your own way with Coach Jennie

TRANSITIONS 014: Tackle your inner naysayer and get out of your own way with Coach Jennie

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Meet badass coach and author Jennie Mustafa-Julock and learn how to overcome negative self-talk and get rid of your inner naysayer.

Brought up in a low socioeconomic family background, Jennie Mustafa-Julock aka Coach Jennie was always pressured to do the things she was supposed to do to make her life “right”.

Being the first in her family to go to university and excelling academically, Jennie went on to land a series of well paid corporate jobs. However, she was often unhappy with her life despite the achievements and material comforts that she had.

Her turning point in life came when she decided that she wanted to live the life that she wanted, and not the life she was expected to have.

In this episode, I speak with Coach Jennie about her personal and professional journey, and her new book “Hilda: Tackle your inner naysayer, get out of your own way, and unleash your badassery”.


Listen and Learn

  • Identify your “Hilda” (inner naysayer) & how it creates the inner negative thoughts
  • How to differentiate between true and distorted inner thoughts
  • Ways to fight and shut your “Hilda” out
  • The  true reason why “Hilda” exist in people’s minds
  • How peer pressure and societal expectations leads one to find the need to justify all your actions



  • “50% of conquering Hilda (your inner naysayer) is recognising when she is talking”
  • “There is a whole lot of lies and distortion going on in our brain”
  • “For so long we assume that the noise in our brain is true”
  • “One of the reasons I became a coach was because I had somebody outside of me point out that I had more potential.”
For so long we assume that the noise in our brain is true. - @CoachJennie Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned

  • – For more information on Coach Jennie’s book Hilda
  • – Connect with Jennie and find out more about her coaching services
  • Momentum WarriorsJoin our private Facebook Community of 240+ creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers to support & motivate each other to take action!  
  • SCM podcast service – Want to launch a new podcast or put your existing show on autopilot? Check out our done-for-you podcast service.


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