Should I join BNI?

Is BNI a great business referral group worth the annual fee and time investment, or is it some kind of cult that you should stay the heck away from? Here’s my experience and understanding of what BNI is. What is BNI? If you’ve never heard of BNI here’s a description from Wikipedia: Business Network International


TRANSITIONS 0015: How to talk less and get the important stuff done with Erin O’Brien

Download podcast Meet Erin O’Brien – a productivity expert who helps online business owners and organisations who feel overwhelmed to get the important things done. In this episode, I speak with Erin about why we get into states of overwhelm, feeling stuck and distraction. Erin shares some great strategies to overcome these blocks and increase


TRANSITIONS 014: Tackle your inner naysayer and get out of your own way with Coach Jennie

Download podcast Meet badass coach and author Jennie Mustafa-Julock and learn how to overcome negative self-talk and get rid of your inner naysayer. Brought up in a low socioeconomic family background, Jennie Mustafa-Julock aka Coach Jennie was always pressured to do the things she was supposed to do to make her life “right”. Being the first in


Day 12/37: How to overcome self doubt #successSunday

So how do you overcome self doubt? This is day 12 of my 37 days of content challenge and in today’s #SuccessSunday video I address a common question that comes up for entrepreneurs, creatives and changemakers. Have you struggled with self doubt just as I have? Have you found other great ways to overcome self doubt? Share your


Day 11/37: Warrior Profile – Tomi Trstenjak

This is day 11 of my 37 days of content challenge and today I’m profiling one amazing member from my Momentum Warriors community (a private FB group of 240+ creatives, entrepreneurs and changemakers who support & motivate each other to take action to do amazing things in the world). Meet Tomi! Warrior Profile #2: Tomi Trstenjak 1. Who are you and what


Transitions 013: How to become an influencer using LinkedIn with Alex Pirouz

Download podcast Meet ‎investor, speaker, mentor Alex Pirouz, founder of Linkfluencer, and learn how to grow your influence using LinkedIn today Armed with a mission to transform how entrepreneurs market their business, Alex established Linkfluencer which aims at training entrepreneurs to leverage LinkedIn & improve their business opportunities. Alex’s entrepreneur spirit was ignited by a


Day 9/37: Cool Productivity Tool Review – Ultidash

(This is day 9 of my 37 days of content challenge. It’s TOOLS day!) Looking for a productivity tool that will help you focus and get more done? Well, you might like this one… My tool suggestion for today is Ultidash.  Ultidash is a Chrome extension so you’ll need Google Chrome browser to use it. Here’s what it