Blastoff Marketing Strategy Session

“Save yourself over 10 hours per week with a 2 hour strategy session”

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For a small business owner, good marketing is everything. Bad marketing is expensive.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”17″ font_color=”%23707070″ width=”700″]Here’s the deal… marketing is tough. We’ve been there many times before, working for ourselves and for established small businesses, so we get it…

You don’t have a clear direction in your marketing. You do a bunch of things but don’t really know what or if it’s working.

There’s so much that you CAN do…

Facebook ads, Google ads, content marketing, social media, blogging, posting on online groups…

Then… printing and mailing out flyers, running your own events, joining business mastermind groups, attending countless seminars and networking events, online courses, joint venture partnerships…


Affiliate marketing, trade shows, expos, market stalls, online directories, agencies, and so on…

… but it all just adds to the confusion, creates overwhelm and just because you CAN do something does it mean that you SHOULD be doing it?

What’s the BEST APPROACH for your UNIQUE business?

Working with an experienced advisor, someone outside of your business, who can view your business OBJECTIVELY, can help you get focused and save you a lot of wasted time, energy and money in making mistakes that you don’t need to make.

This is why we offer a 2-hour Small Business “Blastoff” Marketing Strategy Session – to give you the support that you need to fast track your small business growth and get you focused on the key actions that will actually make a difference to your life and business.[/text_block]

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Get practical and actionable advice

Here’s a break-down of some the different ways that you can use your 2-hr strategy session:


  • Get clear on your target audience and develop a consistent brand marketing message
  • Package your business idea into a valuable offer so you get paid
  • Focus in on productive activities, removing guesswork, and creating a 90-day marketing plan specific to your unique business
  • Develop a social media strategy aimed to get new business (not just “likes” that don’t lead to sales)
  • Review your online sales funnel (website, social media, blog, SEO) and receive feedback on specific web pages, landing pages, sales letters, email sequence, or social media profiles
  • Evaluate opportunities for launching a new product or service, or growing your business strategically
  • Improve your self-confidence and your ability to market your business and sell authentically
  • Plus more! Just ask!
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What you can expect

Here’s how your strategy session works:


  • 2-hour deep dive on one key area or marketing challenge for your business
  • Pick the brain of an experienced and passionate small business advisor & marketing consultant who has over 8 years of “in the field” experience working with small businesses
  • Receive a follow-up email summary of key points, actionable ideas and next steps
  • Strategy session conducted over skype
  • Receive an audio recording of the strategy session for your review at any time after the live session

I engaged Anfernee and we worked through a 90-day plan. It’s nice to have a beautiful structure just to be able to walk away and say I’m going to do this, then this, then this. By spending 2 hours with Anf you save yourself 10 hours a week.

David Smith

David Smith


Anf’s guidance helped me to gain clarity and take action to set up the Earth Discovery Travel Club within only 3 months. We’ve since had 300+ members join and have run 20+ events. Having achieved this makes me feel fulfilled. A pleasure to work with Anf, thank you!

Anh-Dao Nguyen

Anh-Dao Nguyen
Earth Discovery Club


Book Your Blastoff Session Today Only $197 USD

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”17″ font_color=”%23707070″ width=”700″]100% risk free guarantee – If you don’t believe that the ideas, answers and insights I give you during our session are worth more than the fee, I will give you your money back! Just let me know at the end of our call. It’s that simple.[/text_block]